Uncommonly Small Particles

Mesoparticles are defined as particles that are larger than an atom and smaller than conventional small particles.

The size range of mesoparticles:

  • from less than 1 nm to 10 nm in diameter and
  • typically consist of  5 - 30 000 atoms per particle.

Just how big is a nanometer (nm)?
A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

The diameter of a human hair = 73 000 nm.
(about 3/1000 of an inch)

The actual size of the mesoparticles in MesoSilver have been determined to have a mean diameter of 0,65 nm as shown in the particle size report. Compared to the size of particles found in other commercially available colloidal products this is uncommonly small.

The Meso-World Visualization Tool shows the relative size of the silver particles in MesoSilver.

Over the years, Colloidal Science Laboratory has measured the particle size from many colloid samples. Of the products measured, the smallest particles typically fall in the range of 10 to 90 nm, rarely smaller, and in some cases much larger, with sizes ranging up to several hundred nm in diameter.

For detailed scientific information concerning the science of colloidal silver, go to Here you will find a wealth of information and a free book about colloidal silver.

Here is the list of colloids produced using the mesoprocess: