General Terms and Conditions of Business of DASOLA


1. Scope of application

These details of customer information/terms and conditions of business shall apply to all orders that are placed via the website (hereinafter referred to as “the website”), irrespective of where the customer has an official or usual domicile.

2. Contractual partner

This website for the purpose of the sale of goods via the Internet is operated by

DASOLA, s. r. o.
Bakosova 22, 841 03 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Tel:+421 905 841 921

ID No: 35 932 384
Registered office: District Court Commercial Registry Bratislava I, Section: Sro, file No.: 35792/B


3. Prices for goods and services

Information on prices for goods and services associated with supply of goods (eg. shipping), as well as information about possible discounts are displayed during the purchase and during the creation and completion of orders. No additional charges or fees are added to a completed order. In the event of changes in prices between the time of the order and the time of payment or delivery of goods, the prices listed in the order are valid, unless otherwise agreed.

4. Orders

Goods and services can be ordered via the website
To create an order, it is necessary to register. During registration is required only information necessary for the successful delivery of ordered goods or services. For more information, read on the page Privacy Policy.

After each successful completion of order, information about all the ordered items, additional services, their prices and the total final price is sent to the e-mail address the customer provided during registration. In the menu “Order History”, each registered customer may see the current status of all his/her orders.

5. Payment

Goods and services can be paid in several ways. During the creation of orders are offered all available payment options and customers can choose the one that suits them best. The available options dependent on the type or quantity of ordered goods and the area where the goods are to be transferred:

Advance payment - after the completion of the order, the pro forma invoice is aically generated. As a variable symbol, it is necessary to state the invoice (order) number. The goods will be shipped when payment is credited to the bank account of the seller (in Slovakia it usually takes 1 to 2 days after payment, depending on the customer's bank. For payments from abroad it usually takes 3 - 5 days after payment.)

Tatra Pay - for clients of Tatra Banka, who have activated the service Internet-banking. Upon completion of the order you will be redirected to the virtual payment terminal on web-pages of Tatra Banka, where you can make payment. The whole payment transaction is performed via secured (SSL) web-pages of Tatra Banka and the merchant will never come into contact with sensitive customer data. More information on the website of Tatra Banka. Goods are shipped immediately.

Cash cards - for holders of the Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Maestro cash cards issued by any bank. Payment by cash cards is realized through the virtual payment terminal, called CardPay, on web-pages of Tatra Banka. The customer does not need to have an account set up in Tatra Banka. The advantage is that the whole process of payment takes place on the secured sites of Tatra Banka and the merchant will never come into contact with sensitive data such as number, name or the validity of a cash card. More information on the website of Tatra Banka. Goods are shipped immediately.

6. Invoice

Electronic invoice for each Order is available for logged on customer in the section “My Account”. The invoice is generated (available for download) after the package has been shipped to the customer.

Electronic invoice contains data - the shipping address, the billing address of the customer, the method of payment, due date, the characteristics of the purchased goods (name, quantity, unit price, total price) and the address of the distributor (our address).

7. Delivery

Depending on the chosen method of payment, the package is usually shipped following working day, maximum within 48 hours (working days) from the completion of the order (in case of payment via Tatra Pay or Cash Card) or after payment is credited to the seller's account (Advance payment). Packages are transported by the courier GLS or Slovak post, so the actual time of delivery depends on the carrier: usually 1 - 2 working days in Slovak Republic, 2 - 7 working days outside of Slovak Republic.

8. Damage of the consignment during transport

All shipments are insured and the carrier shall be liable for the goods. We recommend that you always review the consignment before you take it from the carrier. If you see any damage of the container, immediately write a protocol with the carrier and do not take over the damaged consignment! Let us know about the issue by e-mail or by phone according to contact information listed in paragraph 2. We will send you a new consignment with the goods you have ordered. In the event that you take over the damaged consignment from the carrier, your subsequent complain cannot be accepted.

9. Cancellation of orders and refund

An order can be canceled by an e-mail or phone until it is shipped out. If payment has already taken place, but the product has not yet been shipped, the customer will be refunded the amount paid, reduced by any bank charges (eg. in the case of payment by cash card or payment in advance from abroad).

In the event that the customer does not take over goods from the carrier within a specified time period and goods will be returned back to the seller, the customer will be asked (by the contact information provided at registration - e-mail, phone) to resolve the situation. If a customer requests a refund, or a customer does not respond to the call, we will return the proportion of the amount paid less the cost of transport of goods (to the customer and the customer back to the seller) and any bank charges related to returning the amount paid.

If the goods have already been posted, the order can not be canceled. Contact us by phone or e-mail under the contact information listed in paragraph 2. It is possible to return the goods (it may not to be damaged and it must be in original packaging) and after resolving complaints, we will return the proportion of the amount paid less the bank charges related to returning the amount paid.